The English Dept's Official Guide to Having the Best Bridal Appointment Imaginable

When Saturdays rolls around, it's a happy day at The English Dept. Maybe it's the sunny weather or maybe there's just a bit of bridal magic in the air, but to us, Saturdays are special. Here is everything you possibly need to know to have a wonderful appointment with us!


1. Be sure to make an appointment!

Fridays and Saturdays are the only days we require them, and they do tend to fill up quickly. When you make your appointment let us know when your wedding is and how many people will be joining you in our shop. It's okay to approximate the number of guests, just give us a call if that number goes up or down- it really helps us out! We are a small shop, and we generally like to book out the entire appointment just for you if your party is a larger group. This prevents overcrowdedness and helps everything run a little bit more smoothly, and lets us give you all of the attention you deserve. 


This is our try on area! It also compromises more than half of our shop. Shopping at The English Dept is an intimate, fun, and comfortable experience, but the space can quickly fill up if we have a lot of people in the shop. If you only have a few guests with you, you might share your appointment with another bride. This often leads to unexpected friendships and joke swapped between parties. It definitely keeps the hour lively! 

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible! This allows other brides to come in who may be on our waiting list. We really appreciate the heads up :)


2. If at all possible, keep your guest list for the appointment short.

We totally understand that you want to share this special moment with friends and family, and want everyone to have a say in choosing your dress. However, keep in mind that the more people who come, the more opinions become involved. Maybe you have your heart set on a figure hugging all-lace gown, but your great-aunt Linda is repulsed by lace and anything even slightly revealing. Maybe your mother has always envisioned you walking down the aisle in an incredibly voluminous tulle gown with ten layers of underskirts, when all you want is a short and modern silhouette. We never enjoy when a bride feels overwhelmed or stressed out- we want you to have an amazing, positive experience in our shop! To combat the well-meaning but stressful opinions of their loved ones, some brides find it easier to bring a few of their closest friends with them for an initial appointment, and then bring the rest of their family in to help them decide between their three favorite dresses. We are more than happy to have you visit us as many times as necessary to ensure your favorite dress is "the one"!


3. The right undergarments can work miracles.

This is one that often gets overlooked, and we can totally understand why. However, undergarments can make a huge difference when trying on a dress!  Sometimes it can be hard to judge how a strapless dress looks if your bra straps are showing, or it can be distracting if colored underwear or underwear lines peek through when you try on a gown. If possible, we always recommend wearing a strapless bra and either seamless underwear or Spanx-like shaping garments for your appointment. It makes it much easier for brides to imagine how the dress will look on their wedding day if they don't have to worry about their underwear showing! :) Nordstrom is a great place to look for undergarments like these, along with Lille Boutique on East Burnside. You really can't go wrong with either store! 

This amazing dress, Enchanted by Claire La Fey, comes with a built in corset so you don't even have to worry about a bra!

This amazing dress, Enchanted by Claire La Fey, comes with a built in corset so you don't even have to worry about a bra!

 4. Treat yourself after an appointment! You've earned it. 

We are lucky enough to be located in a part of town that is overflowing with awesome restaurants and bars. You have more than earned a treat after your appointment! We especially recommend brunch at Tasty n Alder, the ever-changing house punch at Kask, or a delicious local cup of coffee from Heart, all of which are within a one block radius of our shop! We know getting married can be a very stressful experience, so make sure to take a moment to destress, especially if you booked more than one Saturday bridal appointment. We want trying on dresses to be a fun experience for you! 

Delicious brunch from Tasty n Alder.

Delicious brunch from Tasty n Alder.

5. Try on a wide variety of dresses. 

Here at The English Dept, we work with a wide variety of brides. Some have been planning their wedding since the day they were born, and others have never given a second thought to what dress they might wear on their special day. That's totally okay, too! What we always recommend is to try on a variety of different dress types. This is a great way to figure out which style is the most flattering to your figure. We carry a wide range of dresses from elegant a-lines to dramatic trumpet styles, so it never hurts to give each one a whirl. Go into your appointment with an open mind, and you might just be surprised by the dresses you fall in love with. 

Scoop neck or cowl neck?

Scoop neck or cowl neck?

If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to ask! We can always be reached by phone at 503.224.0724, or right here through a blog comment. 


The English Dept.