Everything you need to know before you visit.

We’ve seen the industry change a lot in the fourteen years we’ve been in business, so this spring, we’re changing with it! While small design houses with made-in-the-USA gowns will always be our first choice and love, we understand the need to adapt. For many brides, the thought of waiting months on end for their dress to arrive is a thing of the past. We will continue to carry a collection of traditional made-to-order designer gowns while also selling gowns directly off the rack. Want to take a gown home with you right away? You can do that. Want to get a designer gown at a discount? You can do that too. Almost all of our gowns now have a “made-to-order” price as well as a sample gown price. Not to worry- if you want a brand new wedding dress in your size we’ll still order it for you, but now you also have the option of buying sample dresses off the rack year-round. This allows us to take a more sustainable approach, cater to brides of all budgets and timelines, and update our inventory more often.

Let’s talk about vintage/one-of-a-kind gowns now. Our sister store Xtabay Vintage is sought after from vintage lovers all around the world and now we’re bringing those bridal looks to our salon. You’ll be able to find all of Portland’s best indie and vintage bridal wear all under one roof, in our shop. Vintage gowns are harder and harder to find- so if you try on a dress here you love, you’ll want to snag it right away to make sure it becomes yours.

We have the best seamstress in town who specializes in vintage alterations, and also handles all of our designer gown alterations. After you find your dress we’ll help you do all the scheduling to make your dress fit YOU perfectly. We can also point you in the direction of dry cleaning and preservation specialists.

So, read on to find out what kind of shopping will be best for you and as always, send us an email for more info!



Should i walk in?

We take walk-ins on Saturdays! We will not be booking any appointments on Saturdays. Walk-in hours are 10-4.

We’d like to think that our buzzer system, not visible from the street, hidden away shop adds to the allure of looking for your special gown, but we also know it can be a little intimidating. Plus, it makes it a lot harder to suss us out ahead of time! Walk-in appointments will have a slightly faster pace than scheduled appointments, but we’ll still give you all of our time and attention.

We recommend a walk-in visit on a Saturday if:

  • You want to check out our style, selection and price point

  • You definitely won’t be ready to buy a wedding dress on your first visit

  • You are just wanting to try on different dress styles and shapes to figure out what you like

  • You are looking for accessories


Should i schedule an appointment

Our stylists are highly trained and our service is helping brides find the best and most flattering gown for their body type, budget, and personal style! Private appointments have a $25 fee. This cost will go towards any dress purchase! Our private appointments offer brides and their guests 90 minutes of undivided, one on one attention with us taking care of you the entire time. All appointments include the option of tea or champagne and up to 8 guests. Please note that our salon has two fitting areas and there may be another bride here at the same time, but that this is different than walk-in Saturdays, with brides coming and going all day. We book private appointments W-F, and Sundays. To schedule click here.

We recommend scheduling a private appointment if:

  • You have family or friends visiting from out of town and it’s important for you to have them with you

  • You are serious about buying and plan to do so at your first appointment!

  • You have a large group and would like the red carpet experience with champagne, tea and a plenty of time

  • You want undivided attention and assistance selecting the best gown for your body type, budget and personal style

FAQS & Tips for Visiting 


Our designer gowns range in price from $1000–$4800. The majority of our selection is priced between $1600 and $2800. Vintage gowns range from $198-$700.

i'm getting married in three weeks and need a dress! can you help?

Yes! Our off-the-rack section is full of great dresses that are either new or gently worn samples, priced accordingly. We also have a small rotating selection of new dresses that have been discontinued, as well as our vintage gowns.

what size are your samples? what if they are not my size?

We stock one size of each sample we carry, which is in-line with standard practice for bridal boutiques of our size. Our samples typically range from an 8 to a 12 in bridal sizing. Samples don't fit any bride perfectly! Whether it's too small or too big, we will expertly clip the dress to give you an accurate representation of how it should look when it's the right size, as well as offer our advice of how it could be better suited to fit your figure. We have a pedestal for you to stand on to help with the excess length of the gowns. 

do you carry complete collections by each designer?

If only we could! Our designers have large collections that evolve from season to season. We make our sample selections from each designer according to styles, fabrics, and colors we believe best represent the collection and will be loved by Portland brides.

how long does it take to order a dress?

Each designer has their own production schedule, but the typical time frame is about 3–5 months. You should budget a month or so for alterations—our dresses are made to standard sizes, not to measure, so some tailoring is to be expected. Most of our designers can honor a rush order for a fee, just ask us for more information if you are on a deadline. In general, if you’re ordering a gown, we recommend doing so at least 6-8 months before your wedding date.

will my dress need alterations?

Alterations are to be expected and nothing to worry about! It's a fun part of the process, during which a talented seamstress will make your dress fit you exactly as it should—whether that means taking up the straps, adjusting the bust, hemming, adding a bustle, or anything else that might be needed. This is to make your dress fit your unique shape, perfectly! We do not offer in-house alterations in the cost of your dress but we can make recommendations for the best seamstresses in the city!

Final bits of advice:

  • Trust us—it's best to try on wedding dresses with just one or two guests (especially on the first round). Less is more! Sometimes with large groups it can be hard to listen to the advice of your closest friends, and even though everyone means well, too many opinions can lead to a confused bride! You want to remember your vision of yourself as a bride while shopping. If you do plan to visit with a group larger than four, please select the private appointment option.  

  • If you think you will be wearing shapewear with your wedding dress, it's helpful to bring it along to your appointment! Heels and strapless bras are not necessary and generally easier to try on gowns without, but can be brought.

  • Travel light—many of our dresses are made from delicate silks, which can be damaged by makeup and jewelry. Please avoid bright lipstick or strong perfumes!

  • In many cases, you may be sharing our shop with another bride and her party. This makes for a fun atmosphere, but if you prefer to have the shop to yourself, please call us and schedule a private appointment. 

  • We love brides who are on time for appointments! If you find you are running more than 10 minutes late (or early) please call to let us know. We want to make sure you (and the brides before and after you) have a great experience and an adequate amount of time.

  • Be prepared to find "the one." Wedding dress shopping is a special time, and it's fun and important to look around, but shopping too much can be overwhelming and exhausting! If you think you've found the one—say YASSS and celebrate!